25 Year old entrepreneur, Shay Ravnell is the founding CEO of Crowned Queens LLC. Since as long as she could remember, Shay always had a "thing" for hair. Changing hairstyles like she changed her clothes was something she was known for. She launched her initial business, Luxe Looks Custom Wigs in the winter of 2015 that helped established her reputation in the hair game.

Four years later, God had other plans and Crowned Queens was born .


Crowned Queens LLC is dedicated to making every woman look and feel like the Queen she was created to be. Our Crowns ensure the "God-fidence" (Confidence of self and confidence in God) that has been waiting to release in you. 

Crowned Queens Luxury Wigs offers an array of wigs ( both human and synthetic) and hair extensions that cater to EVERY woman. Whether its with one wig or 10, you are sure to find Crown that helps you reign as the royalty you are. 

"...It's not just about hair to me", Shay says. " It's not about who knows my name or who thinks I'm talentedIts about changing lives, and restoring confidence one head at a time. To see the way these women light up after they've gotten their new wig installed is honestly the greatest reward there is and that's really all the payment I  need".